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Watch Accessories

Find the perfect companion to your favorite timepiece here. We offer a variety of watch accessories and collectibles that are sure to make a great addition to any watch enthusiast's collection. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

**Note to international customers: please contact us to make your purchase.


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Hamilton 79th Celebration Series Salesman's Display

#5245 Price $450

Patek Philippe Collectibles - Books, Pamphlets, Dealer Pad & More

#5251 Price $250

Omega 18mm Lizard Strap w/ Buckle

#5405 Price $200

Longines-Wittnauer 75th Anniversary Pamphlets C-1941

#5201 Price $250

10K Gold Fleur-de-lis Pocketwatch Lapel Pin

#5190 Price $175

Omega 18mm Anaconda Strap w/ Buckle

#5406 Price $150

10K Solid White Gold Art Deco PW Chain

#5092 Price $175

Ladies 10K Gold PW Lapel Pin

#5090 Price $175

Pocketwatch Slide Chain w/ Opal

#5089 Price $150

Omega Sales and Training Guide

#5208 Price $150

Omega 16mm Leather Strap w/ Buckle

#5404 Price $145

Ladies Pocketwatch Slide Chain, Opal & Filigree

#5096 Price $135

Cartier Dealer Display Pad

#5091 Price $125

14K White Gold 16mm Buckle

#5087 Price $125

Breitling Aerospace ref. #F65062 Repetition Minutes Dial

#5197 Price $110

IWC SS 18mm Buckle

#5167 Price $100

16mm Surefit Gold Fill Over Sterling Silver, C-1930's

#5401 Price $100

American Horologist Silver Medallion

#5088 Price $75

Kreisler Stainless Steel 17mm Bracelet

#5157 Price $65

16mm White Gold Filled Bracelet C-1930's

#5390 Price $70

JB Chamption 19mm SS Bracelet

#5391 Price $55

Kestenmade 16mm Expansion Band - New Old Stock!

#5367 Price $65

Spiedel SS16mm Art Deco Expansion Band

#5388 Price $55

Kreisler 19mm SS Stretch Band - New Old Stock!

#5396 Price $55

Time Telling Through the Ages by Harry C Brearly w/ Addendum

#5214 Price $50

Textured 13mm Expansion Band

#5161 Price $45

Rose GF 15mm Scissor Link Expansion Band

#5365 Price $45

Time Telling Through the Ages, 1919 Edition

#5215 Price $40


Glass Pocketwatch Display Dome

#5218 Price $30

Pocketwatch Display Dome

#5220 Price $30

14mm Goldtone Expansion Band

#5160 Price $40

Wristwatch Glass Display Dome

#5217 Price $30

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