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Rolex 14K Gold "Big Bubbleback" Barell Award ref. #6084 Item #2674 Price $3850

I have had many really good 6084 Oysters before. This one is simply the best I’ve seen. And certainly the most interesting!

First, it is rare to come across a vintage (68 years old) watch completely unaltered. Ever more rare is the fact that many of these Rolex “Super Oyster” 6084s have had their original non-screw down crown changed to the much more common screw-down version. The Super Oyster was an experiment for Rolex that only lasted for a few short years in the early 50’s. Sometime after, Rolex stopped supplying the crown and many repairers simply converted the watch to the screw-down version. Certainly easier for them, but it takes value away since it is no longer original. Thankfully this watch retains its original Super Oyster crown.

The watch measures 34mm and because of how thick the case is, it wears bigger. The solid 14K gold case looks as it has not been polished. If it has, it has been many years. Just the right amount of use to show it had a life before you. The use has been gentle since there are no dings or scratches to speak of. There is the “patina” that every collector is looking for in just the right amount. Some can be seen in the pictures. Much nicer in person.

The watch features Rolex's best Chronometer Grade (6 position adjustment) cal. 645 automatic movement of the time period. The movement is very clean (see pics) and looks to have had very little use. Recently serviced, it is running well and keeping good time.

The dial and hands are completely UNTOUCHED, with their original luminous. You have got to love the applied Coronet below the 12 o’clock marker. All the dial makers are applied, the printing is in black and the finish has beautifully aged. BUT this also has something extra. It features, below the hands “Barell Award” in RED. Very cool! I have researched this wanting to find out more, but have come up empty so far. I will continue and if I find out what this award was, I will post it here.

Rolex only made these Big BubbleBack watches for a short time in the early 50's. Because of that, these are increasing in their collectability and I believe a very good investment.

After servicing the watch, we installed our top of the line, matte black alligator strap - handmade in Italy. A high grade strap to compliment an outstanding timepiece.